Online booking

When you book an appointment online via the website, you will be assigned to the first available time and stylist. Please don’t use the ‘notes’ box to ask for a stylist of your preference because the possibility is that we notice this too late and can no longer adjust anything in the system because the agenda is already full. If you really have a preference for a stylist, we ask you to call the salon or use the personal booking link of your favorite stylist. You can request and save these at your next appointment.


Cancellations or reservation changes made at least one business day in advance allows our team the opportunity to accommodate other guests and will be greatly appreciated. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a charge of €25,- service fee. No-show reservations are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the service appointment.

It is always possible that the stylist with whom you have an appointment is absent due to illness or other circumstances. We will then do our best to see if we can still help you that day or if we have to reschedule the appointment.

Double Booking

When a customer makes a double booking but uses one then a slot is occupied that maybe another customer can use.  In that case, the costs may be charged.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation. This will allow you time to unwind, enjoy a beverage and consult a possible new look with one of our stylists.

Late Arrivals

To ensure the promptness of all reservations we reserve the right to reschedule any reservation that is 20 minutes late or later to another convenient time. We will always do our best to accommodate our guests however, we can only do what we can with the time available.


For your convenience CUT/DYE accepts gratuities from cash or they can be placed on your debit card for your technician.


CUT/DYE welcomes all children. Please remind your children to avoid running, spinning or climbing on chairs, or opening any closed drawers in the space. Most drawers contain sharp objects and chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to unsuspecting children.


CUT/DYE stands firmly behind all of its salon services. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your service please contact us within 1 week so we can remedy the situation. Do not book an appointment online for a redo. When you make an appointment online for a redo, the costs can be passed on to the customer.  This is because we have separate time slots for these kinds of situations that do not occupy online bookings slots.


CUT/DYE Accepts all debitcards and cash for payment of services and products. We do not accept checks, creditcards or any form for payment.


At the start we first do a consultation, it is important that you are honest about your hair history. A photo for inspiration is desired, but remember that this is an inspiration. Every hair is different and sometimes it doesn’t cooperate. We cannot promise that you will go out with 100% the same haircut/color. But we do our very best to be as close as possible. Some treatments cannot be done on certain chemically treated hair. It is also not always possible to make a certain color in 1 salon visit. Some colors require multiple salon visits. In that case, you may leave with an unwanted color. The stylist will indicate when you can come back for your next session. The stylist will give you a booklet on how to best take care of your hair. Follow these instructions carefully so that your hair is healthy for the next treatment.

Refusing customers

Sometimes we refuse customers to do their hair because their hair quality does not allow them to do a certain treatment. We can give you advice to take care of your hair or do an intense nourishing treatment here to restore your hair.

Color Formulas

All hair color formulas are the intellectual property of CUT/DYE